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About us

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About us

The past and the present

The JU Faculty of Philology emerged as a university unit in 1951, after the division of the Faculty of Humanities, which had existed only for five years. Yet, the subjects studied at the faculty have been long present at the Faculty of philosophy and their origins often date back to several hundred years ago.

The Faculty has existed in the present form since 2005 when the Institute of Polish Studies was separated from it.

The Faculty consists of ten units: the Institute of English Studies, the Institute of German Studies, the Institute of Classics, the Institute of Romance Studies, the Institute of Slavonic Studies, the Institute of East Slavonic Studies (separated from the former in the 2nd half of 20th century, the Institute of Oriental Studies, the Department (former Chair) of Hungarian Studies, Chair in General and Indo-European Linguistics, and the UNESCO Chair in Translation Studies and Intercultural Communication, created in 2008.   

The main buildings of the Faculty of Philology are located in Mickiewicza and Kanonicza streets.

In late February/early March 2012 works began on the construction of Collegium Paderevianum II: the building where the new premises of many Faculty units are to be located.

During the construction works some of the Institutes have temporarily been placed in other University buildings. The addresses and other contact information are available on the websites of the particular units.

Prof. Marcela Świątkowska is the present Dean of the Faculty of Philology (term of office: 2008-2012).

The Dean's Office is located on the first floor of the JU Collegium Novum building at ul Gołębia 24.

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Budynki Wydziału Filologicznego

Informacje o dostępności wybranych budynków Wydziału dla osób z niepełnosprawnościami