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International conference Legitimation of Literature in Totalitarian Regimes

CNCSIS (National Council for Scientific Research in Higher Education) Research Project IDEI_760
Cultural discourses and forms of legitimation in the 20th century European literature solicits submissions for the international conference "Legitimation of Literature in Totalitarian Regimes" hosted by the Department of Romanian and Comparative Literature, Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania.

We invite Professors, Scholars and Doctoral Students to send proposals for original twenty-minute papers discussing the various aspects of:

  • Discursive strategies in totalitarian regimes
  • Official cultural discourse. The rhetoric of power
  • Aestheticism and euphemization
  • Ambiguity and allegory
  • Discursive games and their legitimation
  • Poetics of transparency
  • Transgressive languages
  • Biography and confrontation

Comparative and interdisciplinary approaches are very welcome.

Please e-mail proposals/abstracts for papers (max. 500 words) with a short CV or a biographical summary to the following address: legitimationconference@gmail.com by April 30th, 2011 (extended deadline).

The conference is organized in cooperation with The Romanian Association of General and Comparative Literature (RAGCL).

The organizing committee:

  • Dr. Rodica Ilie (Conference Chair, Project Director)
  • Dr. Andrei Bodiu (Dean, Graduate School Coordinator)
  • Dr. Adrian Lacatus
  • Dr. Georgeta Moarcas


Data opublikowania: 05.04.2011
Osoba publikująca: Bartosz Gołąbek