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Konferencja "Protolang2" Toruń



John Gowlett (University of Liverpool; Lucy to Language British Academy Project)
"Language Beginnings – a view from the early archaeological record"

Juliane Kaminski (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology)
"Do dogs get the point"

Adam Kendon (Institute for Research in Cognitive Science, University of Pennsylvania)
"An evolutionary approach to explaining why patterned visible bodily action commonly occurs when people speak"

Katie Slocombe (Department of Psychology, University of York)
"Vocal communication in chimpanzees"

Protolang is a biennial conference organised by the Department of English, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Toruń. One of the primary goals of this conference is bringing together researchers representing a variety of areas in order to gain a multidisciplinary perspective on the range of currently available evidence relevant to early language evolution. The focus of the conference is on the early stages of the emergence of symbolic, language-like communication in hominids. The conference will reflect the inherently interdisciplinary nature of research into the evolution of language. We invite papers from a wide range of subjects related to language evolution, including:

  • general evolutionary theory
  • evolutionary psychology,
  • comparative psychology
  • pleistocene archaeology,
  • paleoanthropology,
  • genetics of language disorders,
  • cultural anthropology,
  • speech physiology,
  • gesture studies,
  • neuroscience of language,
  • computational modelling,
  • primatology,
  • animal cognition,
  • animal communication.



PROTOLANG 1   (2009)
The first Protolang conference took place 21-23.09.2009 in Toruń, with Terrence Deacon (video conference) and Jim Hurford, Katie Slocombe and Jordan Zlatev as keynote speakers. Video recordings of most of the talks as well as other materials are available for download from the Archive.
The proceedings will be published as a special issue of Theoria et Historia Scientiarum in 2011.

Data opublikowania: 07.03.2011
Osoba publikująca: Bartosz Gołąbek