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JU Oriental Studies Students take part in NATO training course

From June 11 to 22, 2012 an international training course NATO CIMIC FIELD WORKER/STAFF WORKER COURSE, certified by the CIMIC Centre  of Excellence (CCOE)  in Enschede (Netherlands) was held in the Preparations Centre for Foreign Missionsin Kielce. 25 soldiers participated in the training, together with the representatives of foreign armed forces.

NCFWC/NCSWC is a course for the CIMIC personnel operating at a tactical level. Its main goal is to make the participants familiar with the main definitions, goals, functions, and organization of CIMIC at a tactical level, and the basic information on how CIMIC functions at an operational level. After completing the course, the participants should be ready to perform tasks as CIMIC field workers, staff workers, and liaison officers.

The course run by the Centre is the first and main stage of preparations to perform tasks of CIMIC in the area of operations. The next stage is the training that prepares to a particular operation and involves knowledge that is specific for a given area and a certain type of operation.

The course was run by the teaching staff from the Preparations Centre for Foreign Missionsin Kielce, the CCOE representatives, international instructors and invited guests.

On June 19, 6 students of Iranian studies from the JU Institute of Oriental Studies took part in the classes in mediation, negotiation, and social communication, playing the roles of the members of local authorities and international organizations. They also participated in interpreting exercises. The group included: Mateusz Surowiec, Jakub Danecki, Artur Węgrzyniak, Katarzyna Jaros, Monika Wysocka, and Sabina Szczypka.

Published Date: 13.07.2012
Published by: Bartosz Gołąbek