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Conference: Word in context. Language of the Third Millennium

event-date: 14.03.2012 - 16.03.2012
Place: Kraków
organizer: Institute of English Studies, "Tertium" Society
Contact: kontakt@tertium.edu.pl

The subject of the conference encompasses a broad range of problems related to Wittgenstein's postulate that "the meaning of a word is its use in the language". Among the problems to be discussed are: semantic associations, metaphoric, metonymic and affective meanings as well as modifications to word meaning, especially the narrowing and widening of meaning. The conference will also offer the opportunity to discuss cohesion, coherence and corpus-based lexical research as well as the relationship between the word and the context (word vs. style and word vs. genre) both in practical texts and in literary ones.

The conference will also focus on the subject areas connected with international communication studies (cultural scripts, cultural stereotypes, cultural models and postulates, flag words, international words, semantic borrowings) and translation studies (the word in the era of the Internet and information technologies, the role of the word in translation memory, translation databases and corpora, multi-modal texts, translation discourse) and the sociology of translation (the strategic meaning of words).

For more information, visit: www.tertium.edu.pl.

Published Date: 10.12.2011
Published by: Kamil Jodłowiec